The December Protocol

Immortal Archives 1

Release Date: May 18, 2017

The year is 2419 and humans have colonized the solar system. Life on Mars is difficult, but offers a second chance to those living beneath the frigid surface.

Arriving on Mars is Marcus Truman, with only weeks left to live, but determined to secure a life denied him by cancer. With the best intentions in the world, he finds himself inextricably caught up in a lawless conspiracy trafficking in innocents and the unspeakably valuable treasure they embody.

Marshal Min Yang works to tear down the conspiracy, fighting corruption inside and outside the law. With his own life on the line and the future of Martian civilization hanging in the balance, he must win out against all odds and restore stability before it’s too late.

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Reviews for The December Protocol

This is an exciting and thrilling read which brings up some very interesting ideas. The plot draws the reader in and the characters are excellent. A real page turner.

The December Protocol is a sci fi taking place on Mars in a world where albinism helps create immortality. This immortality cures everything but an egg from a woman’s ovary is the key part, which leads to theft of women’s ovaries etc. Fascinating storyline and I love how the three perspectives merge together on their paths.

Definitely a worthy read. Devin doesn’t get super wordy on his description of the world like many sci fi authors do and I really appreciate him keeping it relevant.