The Tome of the Magi

The Fate of the Magi 1

Release Date: February 29, 2020

After having her childhood ripped from her, Talia Farmer has made a new life for herself in the northern city of Casita. Running grifts on minor nobles and crooked merchants puts a roof over her head, but she needs something more.

A rumor of a book that can't be opened upends her life once more. As she chases after the elusive book, she starts to discover hidden secrets that put her in immediate and mortal danger. Through it all, a burning question drives her: Who are the magi, and where did they go?

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Reviews for The Tome of the Magi

I've come to expect only the best from Hanson, but still, each of his books manages to surprise me. I'm not the one to enjoy fantasy on regular basis, finding it boring and predictive more often than not. Not so with this book. It's dark, cold - literally - and full of action. Talia is just my kind of character: strong and hard-headed, but Hanson never fails in showing us that no one is perfect. That everyone has weaknesses. He has a talent for developing his characters over time and showing us their growth in a manner that is relatable, making you believe that just maybe, you can be a hero, too. Or a heroine. Or a villain. Your pick.

An absolute recommendation for everyone loving dark fantasy!

Power studied in a way that takes imagination to a level of excellence. The struggle of light against darkness timeless and Captivating.