Rune Scale

Andrew Condign dreams of a time when mankind can exist without being constantly hunted by dragons. In a world where all the power is held by the secretive Alchemists Guild, Andrew must scrounge for scraps of knowledge as he sets out on the most dangerous quest imaginable.

When dragons fly the skies, the gods hold no sway over the fates of men.

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Rune Song

Andrew Condign has gone to the deserts of Nas Shahr in the hopes of heading off a war. The dragons of the deep desert are attacking towns and villages, stirred to violence by some unknown agent. The ancient scourge of the Incantors has risen once more, corrupted alchemists with a dark secret.

Through all this, Andrew must discover what it means to be a Dragon Speaker while fighting for his life. His journey into the desert gets more perilous the further he travels and only the growing power of the Rune Song can save him.

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Rune Master

The corruption of the Incantors may have been cleansed in the southern deserts, but Andrew’s work is just beginning. The city of Ardhal has fallen under the growing shadow of the Incantors and it is only a matter of time before that ancient scourge spreads throughout Salia.

Andrew has his hands full already, but now the surviving dragons of the far north have learned of his existence and not all of them are willing to return to the alliances of old.

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